Tuesday, September 30, 2008

G W Bush

"it matters little what a path a bill takes to become law, what matters is that we get a law"
"the consequences will grow worse with each day if we do not act"
"if our nation continues on this course, the economic damage will be painful and lasting"
"for the financial security of every American, Congress must act"

Monday, September 29, 2008

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates

"i certainly would expect growth [of the military] to level off"
"it seems to me that there needs to be a new national security act"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Congressman Boehner (republican)

"We're gonna do everything we can to make sure that we take care of taxpayers, minimize their exposure as we work to avert this crisis"

Congressman Hoyer (republican)

"we have a great interest in making sure taxpayers are protected"
"we want transparency, we want to make sure that what is done is known by the public, by the Congress, and by others"
"because that 700 billion is to go in and take illiquid assets, give them some value, take them off the market, and to stabilize the economy. but Nobody believes they will be valueless, they may be illiquid now, they can't be sold, they can't be valued, but in the long term, we think that, A, there's going to be a value on them, and B, there'll be, as a result, a return on the investment made"

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (democrat)

"we want to have forbearance for homeowners so that they can stay in their homes"
"we're trying to insulate main street from wall street"
"the democrats on the other hand say we are here for the middle class, and of course we believe in free markets but they must have adequate supervision and regulation"

Congressman Tom Tancredo (republican)

"the wave of Islam is also washing over Europe's shores"
"Mohammed is now the most popular name in England for male child"
"there is a challenge to Western civilization"
"immigration without assimilation is creating a phenomenon that is like putting a gun to our heads"

Friday, September 26, 2008

Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd

"there are two or three areas which are non-negotiable. the language of them are negotiable, but non-negotiable"
"i'm certainly not going to support a plan that would allow in anyway an executive to take bonuses or excessive compensation at taxpayers expense"

Democratic Senator Harry Reid (Majority Leader)

"I think its fair to say that we are making progress"
"we'll work with the President, modify his plan to make it better for taxpayers & homeowners"

Republican Senator Gregg (republican)

"My view yesterday was that John McCain, Senator McCain and Senator Obama coming back to the city, uh, coming back to Washington significantly moved the process along"

Republican Senator McConnell (Minority Leader)

"I think we have made a good deal of progress since yesterday"
"i think that everybody is trying to go forward in good faith to meet a pretty early deadline so we can restore confidence in the markets and beyond that restore confidence in the American people"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd

"We believe that we're prepared to act expeditiously on a package to our colleagues that will allow us to send a message to the markets that the Congress heard the message and we want to do what's correct and right in the next few days"

US Secretary of Defense

"The United States has a right to act against terrorist targets in Pakistan"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

G W Bush

"I understand their [Americans] worry and their frustration"
"This rescue effort is not aimed at preserving any individual company or industry"
"most economiststs agreee that the problems we are witnessing today occured over time"
"the decline of housing prices set off a domino effect across our economy"
"I'm a strong believer in free enterprise"
"I believe that companies that make bad decisions should be allowed to go out of business"
"millions of Americans could lose their jobs"
"it is difficult to pass a bill that commits so much of the taxpayers money"
"not passing a bill now would cost these Americans much more later"
"the plan is big enough to solve a serious problem"
"we expect that much, if not all, of the tax dollars paid out will be paid back"

Barack Obama

"I think it is also important that we communicate to the American people where we need to go in getting us out of this situation"

John McCain

"Tomorrow morning I will suspend my campaign"
"I'm confident that before the markets open on Monday we can achieve consensus on legislation that will stabilize our financial markets, protect taxpayers & homeowners, and earn the confidence of the American People"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

G W Bush

"A few nations -- regimes like Syria and Iran -- continue to sponsor terror, yet their numbers are growing fewer and they're growing more isolated from the world" 

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox

"the SEC is vigorously investigating how illegal activity may have contributed to subprime mortgages and the lost of liquidity in the markets"

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

"we believe that strong and timely action is urgently needed to stabilize our markets and our economy"
"the fire sale price [of the market's bad assets] may be much lower than the hold to maturity price"
"nobody knows what the true hold to maturity price is"
"we cannot impose punitive measures on institutions that sell their assets in this program"

Treeasury Secretary Paulson

"Removing troubled assets from the market will help boost stability"
"We can have a debate about reform later"
"Every American business depends on money flowing through our system everyday"
"We're living up to our obligations here"
"The root cause is the housing crisis"
"I believe we need oversight, we need oversight, we need protection, we need transparency"
"if this system has to work, it has to work right and that will be the ultimate protection for the markets"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Islamabad Marriott Owner, Sadruddin Hashwani

"there never was a booking for a government dinner at the Marriott hotel on the night of the bomb attack nor any plans for a government function"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chinese President Hu Jintao

"Only when we strive to solve the pressing problems facing our officials and always put people first... can the party lead the people to achieve a moderately well-off society."

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari

"We will not tolerate the violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity by any power in the name of combating terrorism,"

GW Bush

"Congress understands that and we'll work to get something done as quickly and as big as possible"

McCain Campaign Press Release

"Barack Obama is wrong to advocate withdrawal at any cost just as he was wrong to oppose the surge that has put victory within reach. It is a strategy for defeat, and it is the only strategy Barack Obama has ever supported.”

Friday, September 19, 2008

Barack Obama

"Now that American taxpayers are being called on to share this burden, we must take equally and swift action to help lift the burdens they face everyday"
"in the emerging plan from the Treasury & the Fed is that our approach should be one of mutual responsibility and reciprocity"
"This plan must be temporary"
"The events of this week have rendered a verdict on that failed philosophy and it will end if I am President of the United States"

G W Bush

"The federal government should interfere with the financial markets only when necessary"
"anyone engaging in illegal financial transactions will be caught and prosecuted"
"in the long run, Americans have good reason to be confident in our economic strength"
"I will work with Democrats and Republicans alike"

Treasury Secretary Paulson

"we have taken a number of powerful steps to ensure confidence in the system"
"the ultimate tax payer protection will be the stability of the financial system"
"our economic health requires that we work together in prompt, bipartisan legislation"
"when we get through this difficult period, which we will, our next task will be to revamp the regulatory structure"
"the financial security of all Americans....depends on our ability to restore our financial institutions to sound footing"

John McCain

"I will make sure that [an economic crisis] like this never happens again"
"My economic recovery plan will create millions of jobs in America"
"We will create the most diversified energy economy in the world"
"My opponent is against lowering taxes on businesses"
"He opposes free trade"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama

"there are many homeowners who are in crisis through no fault of their own"

John McCain

“The chairman of the S.E.C. serves at the appointment of the president and in my view, has betrayed the public’s trust,’’ he said at a rally in an airport hangar here. “If I were president today, I would fire him.’’

G W Bush

"I'll continue to closely monitor the situation in our financial markets and consult with my economic advisers"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fed

The failure of AIG could "lead to substantially higher borrowing costs, reduced household wealth and materially weaker economic performance," the Fed said in a statement, according to the AP.


“Policyholders of AIG companies around the world can rest assured that AIG’s commitments will continue to be honored.”

Bank of Japan

"The Bank will carefully assess the future outlook for economic activity and prices, closely considering the likelihood of its projections as well as factors posing upside or downside risks, and will implement its policies in an accordingly flexible manner."

John McCain

"Reform Wall Street," he continues. "New rules for fairness and honesty. I won't tolerate a system that puts you and your family at risk. Your savings, your jobs – I'll keep them safe."

जोए Biden

"We should try to correct the problems that caused this. And what's caused this? The profligate tax cuts to the very, very wealthy that John wants to continue."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"The Committee will monitor economic and financial developments carefully and will act as needed to promote sustainable economic growth and price stability"